Rigid Borescope for Wall Cavity Insulation

HVB Rigid Endoscope are highly developed optical devices that have been specially designed for use in the industrial field. The endoscopes comprise high precision optical and precision mechanical components. Due to their design construction and special production techniques they are ideally suited for use in the industrial field. An almost limitless variety of inspection tasks can be carried out using the broad range of features of each individual device and the extensive product portfolio.

With the brightness of the recorded imagesand the high performance stainless  steel construction and anodised aluminium components ensure a long service life.

In some cold area, they need this tool to inspect the wall insulation to save fuel bills. You can know the situation of your wall tie, filling material at any time, make your home or room or a house feel warmer and more comfortable, also it is enviroment-friendly and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.  

Application examples:

Inspecting nozzles and drill holes in pneumatic and hydraulic parts

Inspecting injection nozzles for burrs

Inspecting turbine blades for cracks

Checking cylinder walls for scoring

Assessing structural properties

Identifying cartridge discharge residue/scoring in gun barrels

Servicing of aircraft engines while operational motor inspections in garages

Inspecting drill holes, bearing shells and cast parts

Identifying openings and burr formation in complex machine parts

Welding inspection of tubes

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