Q: Do I need to plug camera into a wire/cords to receive signal?
A: Not necessary, signal transmission is wireless via 2.4GHz(ISM 2,400~2,483 MHz 4CH*), you can use it at anytime in any places.

Q: May I  use the inspection camera 4908A  to clean obstructions?
A: No, don‘t do this, this system is a diagnostic tool, not a drain cleaner or stone shipper…… Using the camera head to clean obstructions could demage the camera head or cause it to be caught in the obstruction. 

Q: How far can the wireless camera JK903 go from display?
A: JK903 camera can go 4920 feet from the display. In some cases, you maybe able to extend the camera further, but this is dependent on any interference that may be in the atmosphere

Q: Can I record with the HVB Wireless Camera
A: Yes, please use the monitor to record videos or take photos as you want
Or you can plug camera directly into your TV or DVR for instant view.

Q: How the  wireless camera work at night? Should I change the mode by myself?
A: No, you don’t have to. When the night falls, the camera will operate IR function automatically

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