An important companion in the course of everyday work

Inspection cameras open a new view into the insides of machines and systems; whether endoscopes, thermal imaging cameras or infrared thermometers - an inspection camera is the ideal instrument for monitoring and maintenance. Due to the flexible control of endoscopes or the visual display of potential damage areas in machines or systems, weaknesses and points of failure can be detected and therefore be prevented. Inspection cameras make this possible without the need of complex disassemblies. Inspection cameras are used by electricians, safety experts, expert witnesses, mechatronics, and mechanics. They are also used for apprenticeship and in-service training. Inspection cameras can be applied internally as well as at school or at universities for demonstration purposes. With their help, inspections in the industrial sector can be organised considerably faster, more targeted and more cost-efficient. An inspection camera is an important companion in the course of everyday work. 

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