10/20/30/40M/50M drain sewer pipe inspection camera with 12.8MM camera head
 Standard with meter counter
 Optional 512HZ sonde

Product details:

Pipe drain Sewer Duct Inspection Camera with small camera head

Features on the outlook design:
1.Control box installed on the metal frame is fool proof design with automatic padlock function, no need extra action to lock the
control box. 
2. Power charge port with LED indicator light is out of the toolbox, no need to open the toolbox to charge.
3. The power input port on the cable reel is designed on the side of the spindle in stead of on the top the spindle to prevent the
water and dust accumulation. 
4. There are pothooks on the toolbox, two pothooks on the left side, the other two on the right side, and the pothook can be
changed the directions.
5. The plastic button placement is to connect the toolbox and the metal frame, which can protect the metal frame and prevent the
friction sound. 
6. The cable clip is designed on the module of the plastic button placement to keep the cable tidy, no need the extra tying.
7. The handle of the toolbox is overmolding design and the handle of the metal frame is humanized designed with a plastic handle,
which is convenient carrying and comfortable hand feeling.
8.The bottom metal plate is integral cast formed, which is solid and high strength, to prevent the cable reel scratched and stuck.
Features on the function design
1) Camera diameter 12.8mm(with push rod cable diameter 4.8mm cable)
2) Camera head with sapphire glass lens cover and 304 stainless steel housing allow the camera to withstand repeated hits in
various pipes.
3) Whole system is waterproof when the camera head is installed and the control box is closed.
4) 13.3" IPS LCD color monitor with standalone power button to turn on/off the screen alone.
5) On-Screen date & time stamp and distance counter.
6)The meter counter reset button can recount the meter at any time as required.
7) The Meter-Feet button can switch the length unit easily. 
8) Microphone for local audio recording, just one press on the audio button to turn on/off the audio recording.
9) The LED brightness control button is used pulley button without breakpoint dimming.
10) Wireless keyboard for text input on the real time picture or video like a laptop’s, very easy to operate.
11) The external storage SD Card slot and USB port to store still pictures or videos.
12) The cable reel is out of the toolbox for easy cleaning and won't cause dirty in the box.
13) Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4hours continuous work
14) Rotatable cable reel mounted in metal frame for convenient operation.
15) All-in-One visual pipe inspection camera system with push rod fiberglass cable length 10/20/30/40m and diameter φ4.8mm
16) Suitable for pipes with inner diameter at 15mm-50mm. 
Optional functions/parts:
1. 12.8mm camera head with built-in 512hz transmitter
2.Wireless 2.4G 5inch monitor to synchronize viewing the host screen when collaborating with multiple people
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Industrial inspection camera applications:
Locating source of water intrusion. 
Locating insects or dead rats or corrosion inside cavity walls.
Black mold inspection, insulation levels etc.
Electrical, plumbing, wiring, network/phone and CATV routing.
Small automotive engines and other related inspections.
Gun bore and related inspections.
Motor Inspections.
HVAC duct systems.
Sewer pipe inspections and related plumbing applications.
Avaiation related applications.
Natural gas pipe inspections.
Internal machinery part inspections.
Quality assurance inspections.
Mold and mildew inspections.
Insurance litigation and verification inspections.
Verfication of standards protocols in small and tight areas.
Building appraisal applications 
Construction, property managers and contractors

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