3'' TFT HD Video Borescope with 4.1mm camera support photo/recording function


 720P HIGH-DEFINITION VIDEO INSPECTION CAMERA. This product will provide a rich user-friendly experience for inspection solution with complete specification and reliable performance. Please read this user manual carefully before using this product. This product is designed as a 720P HD real-time inspection camera and to unveil the internal objects and/or structures with the illumination of the highlight LEDs, it is appropriate for use in inspecting pipes/holes or other hard-to-reach areas, property inspection, equipment HVAC/R or furnishing installation, car repair or aviation maintenance ,search and rescue operations, laboratory observation, archeological exploration, and the visual inspection of otherwise inaccessible areas, etc. 

Product details:



1M waterproof camera probe is coiled inside the case for storage

φ4.1mm ultra small camera head with semi-rigid snake tube

6 light-adjustable LEDs on camera head

3 inch TFT HD display for moniting

7 navigation buttons for function operations

Flashlight for irradiation at long distance

Internal storage for 30 pictures 4AA bateries for power supply(not included)




Display Size/Type: 3inch diagonal TFT color LCD

Monitor Controls: 180° flip, 1X to 2.5X zoom in 6 steps, brightness + and –

Camera Head Diameter: 4.1mm

Camera Field of View:95°

Focus Distance: 1.5cm(Approx.)

Camera Depth of Field:20cm(Approx.)

Camera Light Source: adjustable-brightness white LEDs

Probe Length & Type: 1m flexible-obedient

Probe/Camera Head Water & Dust Resistance Level: IP67

Battery Life: >3 hours (typical)

Operating Temperature/Humidity: 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C) @ 5 to 95% RH 



Automobile service, Aviation maintenance, Archaeological expedition, Lab observation, Search and rescue, Oil&Gas industry inspection, Equipment or Furnishing installation, etc.

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