Inspection camera with 3-15M spring tube for household & industrial pipeline engineering 

Small household/industrial inspection camera is a new product specially designed for small household & industrial duct engineeringIt is light weight, and is easy to move. The bending angle of product is small, which can easy pass throught the 32mm tube with quarter turn.

Product details:

Small Household/Industrial Inspection Camera With 3/5M Spring Tube and 13.8mm Camera Head




>3-15M flexible spring tube for option

>Diameter 13.8mm camera head is wear-resisting, anti-strike and anti-scratch

>Length 18.28mm camera head is flexible for passing throught multi-bends in different angle

>4 very brigght LEDs make the darkness area to be viewed clearly

>Both camera and spring tube are IP67 water, gas, oil, diasel proof

>One-key ON/OFF & LED brightness adjustment

>Hand-held handle with video output function: TV-OUT

>2.4 GHz or WiFi wireles stransmission fuction

>Support Android & iSO systems in the WiFi version

>Built-in high-capacity polymer battery for 4 hours of continous work

Detail information coming soon......


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