H5805BL 2 way 180° Rotation Rigid Articulating Borescope Inspection Camera 
This 2-way180° rotation rigid articulating inspection camera video borescope allows you to view and inspect hard to reach area. It has 13.8mm lens diameter with 4 adjustable LED lights for dark area inspection. Equipped with IP67 waterproof camera with 63cm rigid stainless steel tube that extends the area of inspection. 

Product details:


Articulating camera head adjusts up to 180 viewing angle
Allows for easy surveying of small, hard-to-reach places
Mini 13.8mm water-proof camera with 63cm rigid extended stainless steel tub
Increase visibility with 3×zoom capability
Manufactured and tested IP67 waterproof standard
3.5''TFT-LCD detachable/mountable monitor recording/still image capture, buil-in rechargeable li-battery, Video recording capacity, supports up to 32G microSD card
4 white leds for night vision, adjustable brightness on lens-mounted LED light
Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use

Features of Articulating Inspection Camera :

Rechargeable li-battery in both camera handle and monitor

Package with aluminium tool case 
CAMERA Image Sensor CMOS
Diam. of Insertion Tube 13.8mm
Effective Pixels 720X480(PAL)
Field of View(FOV) 50°
Bending Angele 180°
Weight 149g
Focus Distance 6cm(approx)
Depth of Field(DOF) 50cm(approx)
Illuminative Distance 2m(4LEDs)
Water Proof IP67
Lowest Illumination 0Lux
Transmission Distance 10m(Max.)
Transmitting Frequency 2468MHz
Video Out 1p-pv@75ohm
Power 5V1.5A
MONITOR Curren Consumption 260mA
Work Time 6 hours
Product Dimension 113mmX45mmX43mm (Active area)
Screen Size 3.5'' TFT-LCD
Display Resolution 320(R.G.B.)X240dot
Video Format NTSC /PAL
Modulation Mode FM
Receive Sensitivity -85dBm (module)
Built-in Li-Battery Capacity 1100MAH/3.7V
Charge Time 3 hours
Work Time 3 hours
Consumption Current 500MA(MAX.)
Menory Micro SD Card
Picture Format .JPG
Video Format .AVI
Picture/Video Resolution 640X480
Frame Rate 30Frame/S
Operation Tempreature 0~+45°C
Storage Temperature -20~+60°C

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